About This Blog

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The anonymous blogger behind “The American Century is Over” is a lawyer, writer, lecturer and sometime adjunct professor of law, with a focus on migration and human rights. What prompted this blog (launched in July 2020) is the blogger’s profound concern over how the course of the United States under Donald Trump—most recently, but not uniquely, revealed in his inept mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic—is destroying whatever was still left of American democracy, leaving horrified observers in the United States and around the world in deep despair about the future. Black Americans, joined by white allies and other people of color, are rightfully marching in the streets against state-sanctioned violence and structural racism. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is stripping the country for parts while they have the chance. We are living through the end of the American Century, brought to you by our sponsor, Trump Inc.

What can we do? People younger and less susceptible to COVID-19 than the blogger are out marching in the streets, and we applaud them. But the very important, visible activism in the streets must be supplemented by all of us in less visible ways in our everyday lives. In our workplaces, we can start demanding more focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. Amongst our friends and families, we can do what we can to raise awareness: call out racist and sexist microaggressions at the dinner table or on social media; model egalitarian behavior to our children; encourage people we know to consume their news from reliable sources; and make sure we and everyone we know votes in November, in person or by mail. Here, we will be using one of the few obvious skills we have—clear writing and exhaustive research—to shout out into the void. It’s more productive than crying.

This blog will focus on politics, law, antiracism, the COVID-19 pandemic, migration, climate change, language, human rights and anything else that strikes the blogger’s fancy. The blog may be preaching to the choir, but the blogger finds writing it to be cathartic. And maybe, hopefully, at least one person out there will learn something they didn’t know before. By the way, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

We note that many of Donald Trump’s critics dutifully avoid saying his name. But we say: say his name loud and clear! Let Trump, by name, clearly take the blame for his every misstep, every lie, every bit of narcissistic foolishness, every evil inhumane decision, every cognitive test he clearly didn’t ace.

All blog posts represent the blogger’s personal opinion, and not that of their employer or any other institution with which they are affiliated.