Biden’s Town Hall: Impressive in its Ordinariness

President Joe Biden participated in a town hall at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wis. on Tuesday.

President Joseph Biden’s performance at the Town Hall on CNN last night was impressive in its ordinariness. How so? Consider with amazement the following:

  • He is able to answer the questions posed to him. 
  • He expresses genuine empathy for other human beings. 
  • He demonstrates a mastery of his own administration’s policies. 
  • He remains calm and does not shout at or belittle people who ask him tough questions.
  • He is honest.
  • He is a naturally dysfluent speaker (grappling with a lifelong propensity to stutter), yet he speaks in strings of grammatically correct, complex sentences.
  • He eschews all personal praise and rejects the notion of him as a personality at the center of government policy.

This should be the minimum — the lowest possible bar — for a President of the United States, but the last four years defined a different floor.

Thank you, Joe Biden.